Bicycle Basic Maintenance Clinic - By our girl B.

Bicycles aren't a mystery, though sometimes they can seem that way. They are a conglomeration of moving parts and each part is crucial to the smooth workings of the entirety. And because sometimes the bike shop isn't open; sometimes you're just far enough to be late; sometimes you're on the top of the mountain, or low in a valley; sometimes you're days from the next town. And because sometimes you just don't have the time, or money, or want to ask someone else to do it for you. My goal with this set of classes is to help you rely on yourself as your first resource when things don't run smooth. I want to support your wanderings and learnings with the knowledge I've gained, being a fairly small woman during my 5 years in the industry. There are leverage techniques and tricks that I've learned to counteract my small stature to perform the same level of solid work as every other mechanic. Ultimately I want you to feel empowered to travel places you've never been, and to try things you've never done before. About B: I've worked as a saleswoman and manager in the industry for just about five years and for a couple different shops; Huckleberry Bicycles has always been a favourite and I am super stoked to be a part of this shop. I've also put in countless hours honing my mechanic skills and most recently attended United Bicycle Institute, on the QBP Women's scholarship, for my certification in professional repair shop skills. I continue my education at Laney for welding and machining certificates; among general machine maintenance and learning. I'm a wanderer, a continuous learner, a do-it-yourself'er, and sometimes a teacher.