BASP #6 - Coyote Point


Bay Area Super Prestige #6: Coyote Point State Park

 It's hard to believe the cyclocross season is almost over with just a handful of races left.  The last race of the BASP series displays a great balance between comradery and competitive spirit among the riders duke-ing it out all season. The community these races attract - are what make these races great; there is never a shortage of riders, spectators, hecklers, people there for the beer and those who are trying to figure out what the hell is going on.

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ABC_6136First wipe out of the day.


Michael Scott Seretan - Huckleberry Racing

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Shout out to Summit Bicycles for providing bagels & coffee the ENTIRE day.


Yoshi takes 5th, Men's single speed B.

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Women's B Podium.

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Sean Chon - Vive La Tarte

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