BASP #4/5 - Candlestick Point

Bay Area Super Prestige - Candlestick Point #4 & 5

The great course and rad people kept the energy going all weekend long. It was almost as much fun to watch as it was to race, BASP always delivers with the action, heckling and beer drinking.

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Johnny - Huckleberry Racing

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Yoshi - Huckleberry Racing

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Post race pizza.


Jesse takes 2nd - Men's C.

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Nat Futterman - King King Oakland.


Front of the elite men's field.


Yoshi's makeshift singles speed.

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Eric Hill - Vive La Tarte.


Opening sprint - Women's B, C , 45+ & Elite

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Geoff Best - TCB Racing division. Takes 1st - Men's B.

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Photos: Miles Stepto, Johnny Galvan

Screenshot: @rjrabe Instagram