Back to the Future // Ebikes!

flying-delorean "1.21 gigawatts! 1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!" --Doc Brown I was trying to think of a fun way to tell everyone that Huckleberry Bicycles now stocks Ebikes. We haven't always had Faraday or Bionx bikes in stock, but now we do. That made me think about how things change. It got me thinking about the future. And that got me thinking about Back to the Future. When Marty McFly gets back from his little trip back to 1955, he wakes to discover that he has a cooler dad, a milfier mom, and a rad pickup truck in the garage. Huey Lewis is still cool. Biff is a loser. At first Marty thinks Delorean time travel was just a dream..... Then Doc Brown picks him up in a (now flying) Delorean and takes him to the future. Back to the Future, part 2. And in that future the year is 2015. Hey man--that's like literally this year! docanMarty The "2015" that the producers of BTtF2 predicted had hover-boards, flying cars, and robotic animatronic everything. It's like they got their ideas during a 1983 trip to Epcot Center or something. As a result the movie suffers from a fair bit of suckiness. Perhaps this was a ploy to make the third installment, BTtF3, seem better and more watchable than it actually is. The better of two shitty options, but I digress. The producers had to guess, in 1983 or so, what things would be like for us today. And boy were they way off! Marty saw this: A Hoverboard. A Hoverboard. When he should have been seeing something more like this: A Faraday Porteur A Faraday Porteur Doc was driving Marty around in this: flying-delorean When it would have been more accurate to put him on one of these: Great Scott!! It's got 500 Watts! Great Scott!! Well folks, rest assured. Our selection at Huckleberry Bicycles is a reflection of the true innovations of our time. I'm talking about Ebikes baby. The Future is now, and it's a Future with Ebikes. Since we still don't have flying supercars that run on garbage, we're going to have to find a more sensible way to navigate our crowded cities. Got kids? Got crap? Got a long commute? Are you old and crusty like me? Great Scott!! An Ebike could make your life a lot better. FaradayGreen The Faraday is a beautiful Ebike. Our service manager, Mikey, did a great post about it awhile back. You can read about it here. Faraday is our simplest option, you just buy the complete bike. It comes in 3 sizes, it comes in two colors. You can get it with or without the front porteur rack. Pretty simple really. And it rides great. Since Mike's post last October, Faraday has had time to produce more bikes, and we're going to have them in stock! No need to pre-order! Huckleberry also has BionX. Bionx makes kits that can be installed on a variety of bicycles. So we could help you supe up a bike you already own, or we could help you select a new bike that would mate well with Bionx. Depending on your budget, Bionx offers a range of kits with different motors and batteries. Our Demo bike will give you a great idea what Bionx is all about. Our BionX Equipped Cannondale Contro Our BionX Equipped Cannondale Contro. While the producers of BTtF2 were off about a few things, they were't totally wrong. We do have Facetime and Skype. We do eat way too much pizza. And, luckily, now you can actually get a pair these: BTtFshoes If an Ebike is what you're after, then come on down to Huckleberry Town and test ride one today. See you in the Future.