All-City Macho King LTD

All-City Macho King Limited We have a couple o f Macho King LTDs in stock. This bike is beautiful and won't last long. From All-City: "The Macho King is a special one. Throughout your life, some will come and some will go, and some will touch your heart and make you want to hold onto them forever. The Macho King is one of those. It is simply the very best bike we have ever made, and if you are lucky enough to lay hands on one, you're going to love it. The biggie here is that it's made from Reynolds 853 tubing which is one of the best in the known universe. Nothing holds its value like high-end steel: it's lightweight, will last forever if treated properly and produces the finest ride quality of any material used in the bike world. Twenty years from now this frameset will still be fawned over and valued by bike geeks due to that little Reynolds sticker. It is nice now, and it will be nice forever. You're getting our podium winning cross geometry, and all the All-City touches you've come to expect: signature dropouts, signature seat collar, custom English threaded bottom bracket shell, reinforcements on the bottle bosses and front and rear fender mounts. The dropout features a replaceable derailleur hanger (easily available from Wheels Manufacturing, it's a 49) which means that should you have a bent hanger due to mud on the cross course it is easily field serviceable. It also features a 44mm headtube and new this year Whisky No. 9 thru-axle carbon fork with a tapered steerer tube. This thing is amazing; ride one and see for yourself."