2500 Miles, a Bike, and a Camera ~ Follow Erik's Journey

Combining two of his passions to fight one of his most familiar foes. Our friend Erik Mathy is riding the iconic Route 66 and taking photographs along the way to fight cancer in honor of lost love ones.

"My adult life has been dominated by three things: bikes, cameras, and cancer."

As of the writing of this post Erik is in Texas. I just checked his Instagram feed.   You can follow his journey, and you should help his cause.

Erik’s named this excursion Brian’s Ride, in honor of his cousin who died of cancer a year ago. Brian is the latest in a long line of people dear to Erik to meet such a fate.

Armed with a Salsa Marrakesh touring bike, a 4x5 camera, and the eye of the tiger, Erik is bisecting the United States and Documenting his journey along the way. Follow his progress on the Bikepacker.com tour tracker.

Donate to this, the greatest of causes, and Erik will send you a hand developed print from his travels. A piece of art in its own right, as Erik is a trained and established photographer.


Help Erik Fight Cancer



 John Wayne Cancer Foundation and Pablove: the two organizations the funds raised will benefit.

American Cycling Association: the authority on bicycle travel in the U.S.. They make the maps.

Bikepacker.com: An amazing source of bike packing stories and information, and where you can track Erik.

Salsa Cycles Marrakesh: The bike Erik is riding 2500 miles.

4x5 Camera:  The large format used by Erik