2014 Synapse // Power Pyramid

grounded-head-lower The new 2014 Cannondale Carbon Synapse is here! The best Synapse ever created now incorporates the power of the ancients: Pyramid power. The Egyptians used it. The Illuminati used it. Gary Neumann used it. And now, Cannondale is using it. pyramid

Blast off!

Long the crusher of cobblestones on one-day races like Paris-Roubaix, the Synapse sets the standard for smooth. And as the the World's Smoothest Cannondale Dealer, we love smooth. But with the new pyramid design, smooth meets speed uptown. As Cannondale says, "The seat tube splits asymmetrically at the bottom to accommodate a new, wider bottom bracket for serious stiffness without the added weight. The Power Pyramid is a solid base for laying down the power and laying out the competition." Wow. C14_700M_SYNCR_5_BBQ_4

The new Carbon Synapse with Shimano 105, we've got it. $2100

The rest of the rear-end of the new Synapse has been redesigned as well. Cannondale calls it the "Save Plus" design, which means that you can ride the crap out of this bike without your backside crapping out on you. "The Save Plus technology gets new emphasis in the seat tube. The elegantly scalloped shape, combined with a narrow 25.4mm diameter seatpost, provides more sympathy in the saddle--even over the most remorseless roads." O man I love scallops. 2014-Cannondale-Synapse-endurance-road-bike4

Close-up of the Power Pyramid

Ultimately, the best use for a bike like this is for long comfortable road rides--our favorite. That means that the Synapse is the perfect bike for organized rides like Aids LifeCycle or the Ride to Defeat ALS. So as usual, come on down to Huckleberry Town and test ride a new Cannondale Synapse. And if you don't believe me about Pyramid Power, just check this out: bushsr_illuminati-pyramid

Pyramid power gets the Presidential seal of approval!