2014 Surly Bikes in Stock

surlylogo Surly continues to impress us with their tried-and-true bike lineup. For the new year, we've once again gotten a few six-packs of Surlies for your riding enjoyment. This year Surly came out with a new and improved version of the Surly Cross Check. It's called the Straggler. In addition to the sweet new paint job--Glitter Dreams!--the biggest improvement is the addition of disc brakes. Yep, the old Cross Check, which has long been one of the most popular all-purpose bikes on the streets of San Francisco, now has younger brother with better brakes. straggler-14_sv_930x390

Surly Straggler. $1775.

The old Surly Cross Check still survives for 2014, this year in black or green. The Cross Check is one of those great all-around bikes that you can take to work, take on a long ride, or take on the trails. crosscheck_600

Surly Cross Check. $1250.

Also still around, hopefully for years to come, is Surly's heavy-duty touring rig, the Long Haul Trucker. We recently outfitted a group of fine young Australian men with four of these beauties for their epic surf/tour ride from San Francisco to somewhere in South America. They are doing exactly what you want to do with one of these bikes -- riding, camping, and hittin' the surf. Since last year, the Long Haul Trucker has come in either a cantilever brake set-up or a disc brake set-up. They are also available in either a 700c wheelset or a 26" wheelset. lht_sv_930x390

Surly Long Haul Trucker. $1350

Last but not least, the new 2014 Surly Pacer is a huge upgrade from previous years. Surly has ditched the bar-end shifters on set this bike up with a Shimano 105 group. O hell yes. A great bike for commuting and long rides across the Golden Gate Bridge, the Pacer continues to impress! PacerRed_web

Surly Pacer. $1850.

We stock all of these bikes on our sales floor, with the exception of the Pacer. But don't worry, if it is a Pacer that you want, it is a Pacer that we will get for you. Call, e-mail, or better yet, just come in and check out a new Surly.