20% Off Bags // July 2 - 8

[slideshow] [/slideshow] All week and through the weekend, July 2 - 8, we are offering a special discount on bags and panniers: 20% off. Below is a close-to-complete list of what we currently have in stock: Mission Workshop: the Rummy, the Monty, the Vandal, the Sanction, the Rambler, and the Fitzroy. Brooks England: the Islington Rucksack, John O'Groates Panniers, Land's End Panniers, the Hampstead Hold-all, Bricklane Roll-up Panniers, the Cornwall Handlebar Bag, the Challenge Tool Bag, and the D-shaped Tool Bag. Laplander: the Tote and the black Roll-up Panniers. Chrome: the Cardiel ORP, the Krakow, the PAwn, the Citadel, the Yalta, the Metropolis, and the Mini Metro. Wheelmen & Co.: the Babylon Backpack, the Scout Series, and the Minuteman Messenger Bag. PoCampo: the Logan Tote, the Streeterville Clutch, the Loop Pannier, the Pilsen Bungee Handbag, the Armitage Satchel, and the Six Corners Wristlet. Ortlieb: the Back Roller Pannier, the Front Roller Pannier, the Handlebar Bag, and the Office Bag.