GRX WH-RX570-650B Wheelset


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The Shimano WH-RX570 Tubeless wheelset is very tenable and reliable. The wheels with Centerlock disc brake mount and E-Thru standard offer simple handling and workability. The hubs feature high-quality contact seals and cup and cone bearings for smooth rolling and best performance. The rear wheel features the OptBal 2:1 spoke lacing which means that the drive side has twice as many spokes as the non-drive side what enhances the wheel rigidity and durability.

For Shimano 10/11-speed systems (10-speed only with spacer).


Different rim shapes for front and rear optimized lacing and reduce weight making this wheelset both lightweight and strong. The Digital adjustment system eliminates the double lock system found on most cup and cone hubs. Instead a ratcheting ring is hidden under an end cap, and to adjust it you just remove the end cap with a 5mm allen, and then simply rotate the ring to remove any play in the bearing