ventral spin (cpsc)



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hydrogen white matt
uranium black matt
hydrogen white raceday
uranium black raceday
prismane red
apophyllite green matt
zink orange avip
Stibium Blue Matt
Moonstone Grey
Sulphur Yellow
Uranium Black/Sulph Yellow

Aerodynamic performance, safety and ventilation do not need to come
at the expense of each other. By using our whole-helmet approach to
development, we have been able to deliver unparalleled levels of
aerodynamic performance, safety and ventilation without compromise in
the Ventral SPIN.
Taking inspiration from the Venturi effect, the helmet’s airflow
zones allow the helmet to pass through the air with greater efficiency,
making it faster. Residual air traveling around the helmet is managed by
the 22° aero trailing edge, the perfect angle for minimizing
turbulence, further improving aerodynamic performance.
By leading air through rather than around the helmet, its wake is
minimized, while its ventilation and cooling properties are enhanced.
Other features of our whole-helmet approach include a fully wrapped
unibody shell with an EPS liner for the ideal balance between weight and
protection. SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), our patent-pending silicone pad
technology; a lightweight adjustment system and an ergonomic precision
strap provides a flexible, comfortable and secure fit.