2020 CAAD13 Disc Force eTap AXS


This is the speediest, smoothest, best handling, finest performing aluminum race bike on the planet.

Cannondale forged its legacy in aluminum and CAAD13's SmartForm C1 Premium Alloy is the lightest, most sophisticated aluminum construction available.

The frame features highly truncated airfoil tube shapes that offer the same weight, and equal or better stiffness, than round tubes, but can reduce drag by up to 30%.

CAAD bikes have always been known for their surprisingly smooth ride. CAAD13 is even smoother, thanks to the newly designed SAVE rear triangle, integrated seat binder and KNØT 27 seat post.

For comfort and capability on all kinds of roads, CAAD13 will easily fit the largest tire size the brake caliper will allow (28mm for most brakes).

Subtle fender mounts for wet weather riding and training.

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