2019 F-Si Throwback Frameset with Lefty Fork


Holy COW!!  Now here's a blast from the past, and the latest and greatest all at the same time.

Cannondale is making a limited number of these F-Si Framesets.  Get your old US made Cannondale out of the shed and see what's changed since Tinker was the new kid on the block. 

Available in Team Volvo Blue and Red

If you're obsessed with XC, the all-new F-Si is the bike for you. Built to climb faster, descend harder, and sprint better than any other hardtail out there, it's serious XC goodness for those with serious XC issues.

Fork: ALL-NEW Lefty Ocho Carbon, 29", 100mm, Chamber Damper with cable lockout, OppO Spring System, tapered steerer, 55mm offset

Frame: ALL-NEW F-Si, Hi-MOD BallisTec Carbon, SAVE, PF30A, tapered head tube, Speed Release 12mm thru axle, Ai Offset

Available for Pre Order only.  ETA is January for Blue and March for Red

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