2019 Brompton M3L Tempest Blue w/ Marathon Tires & Battery Lights


Includes USB rechargeable battery powered lights.

Tempest Blue M-Type Brompton with 3-speed drivetrain and fenders.åÊ This model is affordable and versatile.

The M-type Brompton has a front end that is taller than the S-type but shorter than the H-type.åÊ It is for most riders and has a casual and comfortable feel.

The 3-speed drivetrain is simple and gives a wide range for riders who have to deal with some hills.

The L-version comes with fenders for protection from those nasty city puddles.

Includes front luggage rack

Free Shipping. Call for availability. Allow two weeks for bike to be ready for pickup if we need to order from Brompton. All of our bikes come with a year of free tune-ups and a professional fitting.

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