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Great shop, knowledgeable and very helpful staff.

2024 Moterra 3
Jason Tharp
Fantastic customer service!

Great company to work with. I ordered a bike online and had it shipped from California to Ohio. I got a very fair deal on the bike, it was shipped quickly, and packed well. The box was pretty beat up when it arrived, but the bike didn't have a scratch on it and operated perfectly. I would definitely shop from this company again and hopefully I can make it there in person sometime.

P line rack,

I received the P line rack, which is the best out there.
The rack itself is wider at the rear, accommodates a light, and is fully compatible with the stock mudguards and the advanced wheels. I was able to install it within 20 minutes and it's been fantastic. You guys are the most exceptional
Thank you

Brompton e Leon

Mi è arrivata la bici nuova dalla Huckeberry Bikes che è una ditta fidabile!

'24 Arise Tour
Bombtrack Arise Tour - An outstanding touring bike

Solid and high quality. A smooth and stable, comfortable ride. Huckleberry was quick to deliver and communicate. Would buy from them again!

2023 Supersix Evo SE
Jesse Francis
Cannondale Supersix EVO SE

Awesome Bike! Really enjoying the ride and very happy for the decision!

Preamble Flat Bar
Brian Johnson
Surly Preamble

I ordered the Preamble online, after test riding it in the store. When I arrived to pick up the bike, I was very surprised that it did not come with pedals! I have purchased numerous off the rack bikes in the past and they all came with pedals. The shop did not have any pedals I liked so some were ordered. I had intended to ride the bike home and was offered some loaner pedals to do that. It was never communicated to me at the test rides, through email, nor the website that this bike doesn't come with pedals. This is a major oversight. Customers should never arrive at the store and be surprised with a new bike with no pedals. Why you don't communicate this obvious important detail, is beyond me. I hope, in the future, that you communicate clearly with your customers so they don't face a similar situation.

Thank you

Love our Brompton bikes and accessories. Grateful for the excellent customer service from Huckleberry Bikes! Thank you!!

Warbird C GRX 810 Bike
Richard Kwong
Salsa Warbird purchase

Excellent bike for a great deal. The group at Huckleberry were friendly, knowledgeable, and fast. The online transaction was simple and efficient; all my questions were answered very quickly on the chat. I chose the bike online, and pick-up was super fast. Thanks again.

brompton p-line emerald lacquer with Brompton 500-Lumen Front Light

I received the bike packed and it had its front light intact, thank you!
I want to thank you for making this transition so wonderful.
My P lines have brought me great joy.
Brompton P-Line's emerald lacquer is a stunning color, and Superlights?

This will have a major impact on the traffic in Manhattan for me.

I am optimistic that I will receive more from you guys in the future.

thank you

Great service, fast shipping, fantastic bike.

Perfect interface with Brompton handlebar and saddle. Easy to operate; easy to remove and attach.

Great value, weight is as advertised (about 9g heavier when factoring in the end plug, so that's why I estimate the advertised weight as accurate). In the initial use of a couple of weeks, it's resisted scratches, and looks like it should hold up well.

B&W foldon bag
Laura Ng
Brompton T12

Love the bike! So lightweight. The Huckleberry bike store staff were excellent. Always responsive and helpful. So glad I bought it from them even if I live in NYC. Thanks so much.

C-Line: Urban Black Mid-Bar Cloud Blue (M2L)

I have a 2-mile commute, with one moderate hill less than 200m long. As a road cyclist, I was used to pushing bigger gears; also I wanted the simplicity of fewer gears and the greater efficiency of a derailleur setup as opposed to hub gearing. Also, my work space is very small with very limited storage space. For all of this, the C-Line Urban suits me perfectly. Not to mention, the customer service from Huckleberry was beyond excellent; very prompt and attentive. I'll definitely buy my next Brompton from them.

Rear latch clip -quick install and good price

Best deal i found for the brompton rear latch to convert a 2004 bike. Quick shipping.

Works great on my Brompton!

Installs great. Since I kept on the rear axle's tab washer that locks the axle into place, I needed to put another washer next to the upper slot since I don't usually run my Brompton with mudguards in nice weather. Keeps the bike upright without need to fold it. Can't say how stable it'll be in high winds.

Compact Neo
Egli Bejko
Looks fine, just a couple minor issues

I unpacked the bicycle today and everything seems to be fine except two things. Handlebar bar stem is not properly aligned so I’ll need to take to bike shop to have it adjusted. There is also a deep scratch on the right chainstay. Other than that no issues and the bike seems to be solid and well built

Very happy with my experience ordering from Huckleberry. Spoke with Rocky over the phone who was very helpful steering me in the right direction for my purchase. The bike was packaged well, no damage during transport. Just as advertised on the site the bike was good to go out of the box. After installing handlebars, pedals and front wheel I was off and riding within 30 mins of receiving shipment.

Thanks y’all!

EZ wheels.

Bike rolls much better in the folded position. I don’t know why Brompton doesn’t just upgrade their wheels to something similar.

Bungee strap was priced right and simple change out

I had contacted my local dealer and was told that it would cost $30 to replace a single bungee strap that came with my Brompton rack. I was able to secure a pair for $12.99 from Huckleberry which I believe is posted price on Brompton's website. Even with shipping it was significantly less than local dealer. Unfortunately local dealer may have exclusivity agreement I will check into this.

Mounts easily in treaded screw mount

Will work as intended. These are great as modulating "running lights".

Note: There was a report on how modulating LED lights register will register cognitively versus a non-modulating LED light. Hence, keep this lamp in a modulating mode.

Sprocket Set-BWR- 6 Speed
Mitsukuni Shinohara
E-bike rear sprocket set replacement

All good! :))

works great!

Surly Track Cogs
Lukas van der Walde
Exactly as advertised

Nicely engineered fixed cog. Perfect fit on ~70-year-old British "Airlite" flip-flop hub.