Cleary Hedgehog 16" Single Speed


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  • Feathery, lightweight kids bike for girls or boys, weighs just 16 lbs
  • Front and rear child specific hand brakes with freewheel rear hub
  • Slim, junior race-style vegan leather saddle designed to maximize a rider’s range of motion while minimizing chafing
  • 5mm Allen skewer on front wheel
  • Three-piece crank and square taper bottom bracket
  • Single speed drive train
  • Flip flop rear hub enables two freewheels to be mounted at once, and a cog range from 13 teeth to 18 teeth
  • Internal brake cable routing 
  • Grips, handlebars and brake levers designed for small hands (slightly wider than what is featured on the Starfish and Gecko)
  • Expert bike geometry centers the rider's weight between her hands and seat, creating a stable, agile bike.  
  • The Hedgehog is a "do anything" bike.  Pre-schoolers can drop down stairs, tackle technical trails or hunt for caterpillars in the neighborhood.  The bike has no rider weight limit, so when your child has gone to sleep after a day of riding, take the Hedgehog for a spin.  You'll see how fun it is.   
  • Best fit for riders with an inseam of 17" to 21"
  • First time riders feel safest with their bottom on the saddle and their feet flat on the ground.  That's how a child with an 18" inseam will fit the Hedgehog with the seat post dropped as low as possible.  Once kids get more comfortable on two wheels, they'll want to sit on the saddle with the balls of their feet on the ground. Thus, a confident rider with a 17" inseam and a first-time rider with a 19" inseam may both feel comfortable with the same set-up on their Hedgehogs.