Electric C-Line Explore Mid-Bar (M6L) Matcha Green

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Brompton Electric was designed from the ground up to be the most functional electric bike for urban living. At just 36 lbs and folding to 2/3rds the size of other folding electric bikes the Brompton Electric is easy to carry and easy to take inside wherever you go. Unfolded, it will transform the way you get around - making hills effortless and long distances sweat free. Try it for yourself at Huckleberry Bikes.

Choose the way you move
Smart sensor, pedal-assist technology knows when to kick in, some of the time, all the time, on hills or flats. Choose your preferences at set up or change as you go. Travel up to 15.5mph over a 25-50 mile range.*

No sweat.
Big Power, Little Pack
Developed with experts at Williams Advanced Engineering, the electric system utilises Formula E car racing technology to deliver a 300wh lithium-ion battery in a lightweight 2.2kg package*. So, you are never weighed down. Remove and attach the battery pack bag with one quick click. Carry it and plug it in wherever suits. Fully charge in 4 hours, or boost for less if you're short on time.
*And they squeezed in an integrated USB port for charging your phone.