2021 S6L Superlight Black / Ti w/ Brooks Saddle


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S6L with Black frame and Ti extremities, and Brooks B17 Special Saddle

The Brompton is by far our best-selling folding bicycle.  Bromptons are hand-made in London and can be customized to your specification.  They have the most compact fold and the nicest ride-quality of all the folding bikes. Bromptons are shipped fully assembled and ready to ride -- just unfold the bike and put some air in your tires.

Meet the ultimate bike for people who live in cities. Small wheels mean fast acceleration and increased maneuvrability through busy streets.

Effortlessly folding into a compact size, Brompton bikes can easily be carried onto all forms of public transport, in the boot of a car, and can be stowed away under your office desk or a table in a bar.

 They have been continually refining the design of their bikes for over 30 years and their expert teams still make and assemble each bike by hand in our London factory, making sure they provide years of use and enjoyment.