B&W foldon box S


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Assembled and ready in under two minutes

Our foldon box S is the perfect storage option for a Brompton bike in any situation. This transport case is assembled in under two minutes and offers enough room to stow your bike securely. To protect your bike, the case has foam padding on all sides of the interior as well as a CON-Pearl® structured-core board and four metal reinforcing strips. When the foldon box S is not in use, it can be folded down to save space. Folding reduces the case’s volume by a superb 70%, meaning it can fit just about anywhere. Two durable straps also secure the folded-up case.

transport box for folding bikes
sidewall made of polypropylene (PP)
shell made of ABS-Plastic
space-saving storage Ğ volume reduction over 70%
easy handling with four durable wheels, two of the free running, two non-turning
padded handles
assembly time less than 2 minutes
lockable with a TSA padlock (not included in the delivery)