World's Smoothest Cannondale Dealer, Period.

If you are looking for a Cannondale, come on down to Huckleberry town. We are the number one, premier, omg!, smoothest, newest, and doobiest Cannondale dealer in the world. Maybe you’ve heard of us? We beat the dildo museum on the list of coolest new businesses is San Francisco. Smooothest. Cannondale. Dealer.

(Hopefully the more I use the word Cannondale the more likely the search engine algorithms will favor us. I’m doing this for you, so that you don’t waste your time by going to some other bike shop that is soon having a much-publicized sale but that no longer deals Cannondale bicycles.)


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We Stock Cervelo

We are excited to announce that we are now an official Cervelo dealer!

It has been a long time since we've stocked a bike that is competitive with Cannondale's road lineup. We think Cervelo is just the ticket to keep things as smooth as can be around here. After all, it's Canadian, just like Rick Moranis, who once played Michael McDonald in tribute skit. You an scroll all the way down if you want to skip all this Cervelo stuff and just see Rick Moranis.That's fine.

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Fastest Bike // Smoothest Dealer

What do you get when you combine fastest and smoothest? A new Cannondale SystemSix from Huckleberry Bikes!

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